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Obamas begruessen neuen Hund im Weissen Haus!

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Anmeldungsdatum: 10.09.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: So Apr 12, 2009 10:41 pm    Titel: Obamas begruessen neuen Hund im Weissen Haus! Antworten mit Zitat

Obamas Welcome New White House Dog!
Apr 12, 2009
Tim Molloy


Bo is a six-month-old Portuguese water dog given to Malia and Sasha Obama as a gift by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts. The black-furred fellow, who has white patches on his chest and chin — plus white paws — is scheduled to move in Tuesday.

The Obamas had hoped to get a rescue dog, and in a way they have: Bo had been living with another family, but it wasn't a good fit, so the Kennedys gave him to the Obamas, The Washington Post reports. He was originally named Charlie, but the Obamas are renaming him.

The Post had planned to introduce the pup to the world by running an official White House photo on its Sunday morning front page, but a mysterious website called FirstDogCharlie published a picture Saturday morning of a pup that looked just like the one in the official photo. The White House calls the photo on the site "bogus."

The Post also reported that the dog charmed the girls in a surprise get-acquainted session with the family known internally as "The Meeting." Bo was well-behaved and obedient throughout the meeting, sitting when the girls sat, standing when they stood, and maintaining his toilet training.

"We couldn't be happier to see the joy that Bo is bringing to Malia and Sasha," the Kennedys said. "We love our Portuguese water dogs and know that the girls — and their parents — will love theirs, too."

The Obamas are also making a donation to the D.C. Humane Society.

Comments (Cool
edwards11: Sun, Apr 12, 2009
Official Washington is already calling the pooch by his official name - FDOTUS - First Dog of the United States (fdotus.com). The Prez is POTUS (pres of the US); Michelle is FLOTUS; the Supreme Court is SCOTUS, and so on. These names are actually used in conversation, memos, White House corridors and so on. Yes, DC is a Very STRANGE place! Happy Easter to all COTUS (Citizens of the US)!

Shan79: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 7:46 pm UTC
Cute dog!

buddhadog: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 8:46 pm UTC
WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Instead of setting a responsible example that could have kept millions of shelter animals alive by showing people that you should NEVER BREED OR BUY WHILE BEAUTIFUL, LIFE-LOVING ANIMALS IN THE SHELTER DIE, they show everyone how to be irresponsible, and to keep breeding while we kill thousands, all day, every day. Our president should do something about the tragic epidemic of killing innocent animals because of our irresponsibility, and this would have been the most powerful thing he could have done to help those that can't help themselves. I am DEVASTATED that he didn't keep his word. Now breeders will enjoy a huge boom while the out-of-control killing in every shelter will increase. Do these animals really deserve it? Kennedy should have kept his pompous ass out of this, knowing the Obamas said they would rescue over & over & over. THIS SUCKS!! More work for the weary & broke, I guess (for animal rescuers like myself). Even Oprah knows better now, but our president doesn't.

BlueSeed1: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 9:25 pm UTC
Cute dog, but yeah, I agree with the above poster

ftzp: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 9:47 pm UTC
The dog doesn't seem to have been bought from a breeder; the article says that another family gave the dog up because it wasn't a good fit--which is how most does end up in shelters. When you're looking for a hypoallergenic dog that won't pee in your 200 year old historical home and you are surrounded by secret service and the press, you can't always just walk into a shelter and find the right dog.

Joe Smit: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 9:51 pm UTC
Check Obama's Public Record at: http://www.lookuphistory.com/ Unlimited Record Check 4 days trial for only $4.95

pat6600: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 9:57 pm UTC
why does everyone think they have the right to pass judgement on others. The first family should be able to get a dog without hoopla, the dog is a rescue because he was not working out for another family and why does the press have to dictate when the dog will be known and presented to the country. Why can't the first family get the dog before we "spill the beans and the kids don't have a surprise"?

someoneelseelse: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm UTC
To see this article on top of google news I would say google is the real white house dog .. how about putting the Somali pirates on top?

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