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Josef Fritzl's daughter Kerstin woke to Robbie Williams!

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BeitragVerfasst am: Di Jul 01, 2008 9:17 am    Titel: Josef Fritzl's daughter Kerstin woke to Robbie Williams! Antworten mit Zitat

Josef Fritzl's daughter Kerstin woke to Robbie Williams!
By Nick Allen

The teenage daughter of Josef Fritzl, who was kept in a cellar her whole life, woke from a coma after doctors played her Robbie Williams songs.

Kerstin Fritzl, 19, was "almost dancing" as medics played the star's albums and withdrew drugs that were keeping her unconscious.

After she woke up in an Austrian clinic Kerstin would stay up late listening to the former Take That singer and told doctors she wants to see him in concert.

Chief doctor Albert Reiter said:

"She still had the breathing tubes inside her but she was sitting up in bed waving her arms and dancing in bed.

"One night I had to order her to finally go to sleep at 3am as she kept listening to Robbie Williams CDs. She wants very much to go to a Robbie Williams concert."

Before she woke from her coma the songs, including the hit Angels, were played to Kerstin through headphones for three days.

She is thought to have listened to them during her long imprisonment under her father's house in the Austrian town of Amstetten.

Dr Reiter said:

"I knew when I saw her singing and dancing in bed to Robbie Williams that she was ready to be taken off the machine which was helping her breathe.

"We smiled at her and she opened her eyes and smiled back at us. I said `Hello Kirsten' and she said `Hello' back.

"Soon she was saying hello to all the doctors on their morning rounds. We're delighted with her progress."

Kerstin has been reunited with her mother Elisabeth, 42, who is Fritzl's daughter by his wife Rosemarie, 68.

Elisabeth was kept as a sex slave in the cellar for 24 years.

As well as Kerstin two sons she had by Fritzl - Stefan, 18 and Felix, five - were also kept in the cramped cellar.

Kerstin, who had never seen sunlight, became ill and Fritzl eventually took her to hospital where doctors induced a coma to allow her body to recover.

Berthold Kepplinger, director of the clinic in Mauer near Amstetten, said: "For all of us Kerstin's surprising recovery is a great relief.

"We are going to give her a special diet with extra vitamins and an exercise regime to help her."

Three other children Fritzl fathered by Elisabeth - Lisa, 15, Monika, 14, and Alexander, 12 - were allowed to to live above ground with him and Rosemarie.

Dr Kepplinger said: "The tempo of the lives of the children who lived above ground is very different to those who were confined to the cellar.

"To them the simple movement of a cloud in the sky can be quite exciting. The others are more active and are being taught by teachers at the clinic.

"Those who lived below ground are discovering the world for the first time."

Family lawyer Cristoph Herbst said: "They all love to play together and get along really well.

"They want to make a life together and now we are looking for a place they can start again. To be together is something very precious indeed."

The family have been given a spacial area within the clinic where they are expected to stay for several months.

Dr Reiter said:

"It was an extraordinary moment when Kerstin, holding my arm, and I were able to walk through the door into a new home, crossing the threshold into a new life.

"The entire family is happy that they are all together for the first time."

Felix is enjoying playing outside but has to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from sunlight.

He also loves climbing stairs, having not been able to in the cellar.
But his brother Stefan is having more trouble adapting to the outside world.

A source at the clinic said: "Stefan is thin as a rake and very pale. For the first few weeks after he came out he only moved very slowly but his motor functions are getting better."

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Anmeldungsdatum: 21.03.2004
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Wohnort: Famagusta

BeitragVerfasst am: Di Jul 01, 2008 12:23 pm    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Ist eindeutig toll, wie uns seine Senilität, der "Anm.O.T.@Eberndorfer vulgo GOTTVATER" in seine abstruse Gedankenwelt einführt!

Was nicht auszuschließen ist bei diesem Thema und die Anlassigkeit des alten windischen Tatterlings: Daß er sich abends im Gedanken an die Vorkomnisse von Amstetten in seinem Kisterl wälzt, sich in den Fritzerl hineindenkt und dabei ein Achterl ums andere in die Bettwäsche abschießt! Dies als Abwechslung zu dem Gedenken an seine Negerweiber!

Das DÖW arbeitet mit einem Gemisch aus Lüge, Fälschung und Denunziation
Das DÖW erscheint in pseudowissenschaftlicher Aufmachung
Ich fordere: Der Gesinnungs-Freiheit eine Gasse
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